Long-lasting spray compound that provides decades of protection for your roof

Topblock spray compound is the perfect solution for your property needs.
It is an economical, durable and long-lasting one-component, sprayable elastomer for professional use.

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Topblock - Air and Water Sealing

Topblock is a waterproof roof membrane with heat reflecting effect. Full 25 year lifetime.



The product is ideal for water and damp proofing and sealing in buildings and structures. Can be used both indoors and outdoors for e.g. roofs, plinths, drying rooms, damp rooms, patios and lightweight structures, concrete, leca blocks, wood and plaster surfaces.

Topblock is listed in the Nordic Ecolabel building products database and can be used in swan-labelled buildings!

Topblock is a 1-component, protective, elastic coating


The patented Topblock technology has been tested in the demanding weather conditions of Finland!

The environmentally friendly Topblock coating provides resilient protection for decades. The isocyanate-free and ready-to-use one-component product is safe and suitable for most building materials


Topblock is the only liquid roof membrane in Denmark with fire class Broof(t2) and up to 20 years warranty. Effective waterproof roof membrane with heat reflecting effect for application on top of worn roofing felt, EODM, PVC roofs.

Roof renovation

Roof renovation of a roofing felt, PVC or EPDM roof in the traditional way can be a costly, time-consuming and flammable affair.All old roofing material usually has to be removed and disposed of before the new roof can be applied. There can also be significant costs associated with the demolition of the old roof, as well as labour for removal and disposal. Instead of replacing worn roofing felt with new roofing felt, we instead apply our waterproof roofing membrane, which is faster, more efficient, more sustainable and 5 times lighter compared to roofing felt.

The waterproof roof membrane is applied as a liquid, which then cures into a seamless, highly elastic and, most importantly, waterproof roof membrane.

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10 good reasons to choose Topblock

+ Economical 1-component product

+ Breathable - steam-tight and still water- and airtight

+ The best crack resistance on the market - over 10 mm!

+ Resistant to water and frost, the product can also be applied to wet surfaces

+ Quick and easy application with high pressure spraying equipment

+ The coated surface has no joints - can be sprayed on surfaces in all positions

+ Excellent adhesion to almost all building materials

+ CE marking: EN 1504-2 and EN 13813

+ Isocyanate- and solvent-free - safe for the installer and the environment

+ The most versatile elastic protective coating and sealant on the market

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